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By George, I think we’ve got it!

It’s the  “COVID-19 No Plan” plan!!

With things being so unpredictable this year (and with no end in sight to the unpredictability), we’ve come up with a ‘plan’ for the coming 2020/21 touring season…

  1. We are only scheduling 3 tours for the season.
  2. If you are interested in a tour, you only need to pay $100 to secure your seat, with the balance due 30 days prior to departure. If things are uncertain at 30 days prior, we will hold off until 14 days prior if need be. If the tour can’t go ahead, your $100 will stay in credit for you for a future tour.
  3. Our tours are a maximum of 8 guests, so we are going to travel in our 22 seater bus! Plenty of room for distancing, and we can wear masks if need be.

So if any of this sounds like a ‘plan’ to you too, take a look at your preferred tour below by clicking on the picture…


giraffes and zebra in front of glamping tents at dubbo zoo

29 November 2020 “We’re going to Dubbo!”


tumut 3 power station from the air

7 March 2021 – Snowy Mountains Hydro Majestic


two humpack whale tails above the surface of the ocean

21 March 2021 – The Sapphire Coast


Please note that even if your tour goes ahead, there might be slight changes to the itinerary depending on our accommodation and activity partners’ operating positions at the time.

And of course, you should take a look at our COVID-19 Procedures, by clicking on this groovy looking dude below…

orange and pink cartoon coronavirus cell with funny face

COVID-19 Updates


If you have any questions at all, please give us a call on 0412 173 430, or email us at


We  look forward to hearing from you soon. Let’s see if we can change this ‘COVID-19 No Plan’ into a plan!!


Warmest regards

Janine and Jeff