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Being our first ever post, we thought we should introduce the Gang Gang!

The Gang-gang is a gregarious and charismatic cockatoo found in the mountains and coastal areas of south east Australia. We chose the Gang-gang as our namesake, because the areas that our tours operate in, are part of the Gang-gang’s natural habitat – that is, the spectacular Snowy Mountains and the unspoilt Sapphire Coast of NSW. And, our tours migrate between the mountains and the coast – just like the Gang-gang!

The Gang-gang in the picture is the male. The female does not have the fiery red crest, but has red tinges on her chest feathers. They favour old growth forest, which may be one reason why they are a threatened species, but they are still seen in larger numbers in Canberra. Their call sounds like a creaky door or gate, and when we are out and about, we usually see them in monogamous pairs.

We also see lots of other awesome native bird species on our tours, including Black Cockatoos, Wonga Wongas, Lyrebirds and many more. So book a Gang Gang tour and come wildlife spotting with us in the fabulous south east of NSW!



Check out this gorgeous YouTube video of a Gang Gang pair feeding: