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You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the amazing dairy products from Tilba Real Dairy. Their milk is second to none, their double cream is divine, and their vintage Bredbo black garlic cheese is to die for!

Nic and Erica Dibden started their herd of Jersey cows 18 years ago, with just one cow. They now produce the creamiest milk, yoghurt and cheese from their farm in the lush green Tilba Tilba Valley below Mother Gulaga on the unspoilt Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. They supply all the milk required for their ABC Cheese Factory in Central Tilba, as well as supplying milk to Bega Cheese.

Their herd of pure Jersey cows have a high percentage of the A2 protein in their milk by genetic default. Their cows also produce milk that is high in butter fat and protein, they have a low environmental impact, and they are gorgeous to look at!

500 mill container of Tilba real double cream

Image courtesy of Tilba Real Dairy

Not surprisingly, Tilba Real Dairy won Champion (double) Cream at the 2018 Royal Dairy Competition. They also won gold for their non-homogenised full cream milk, gold for their Haloumi, and silver for their Mountain Ash Camembert Style cheese. They have also won many medals over the last several years at Melbourne and Sydney shows, as well as the national dairy industry awards.

herd of jersey cows grazing in the tilba valley

Image courtesy of Tilba Real Dairy

As Erica herself says, “It’s the pure water, lovely clean air and magnificent soil that all goes into making the products.” And it’s the pure water, lovely clean air and magnificent countryside that all goes into making our visit to Central Tilba on our Sapphire Coast Tour so enjoyable. You can visit the historic ABC Cheese Factory, as well as enjoy a selection of Tilba cheeses on our local wine and cheese night.

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Images courtesy of Tilba Real Dairy