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old steam engine and carriages on the side of a hill crossing sandstone bridgeGANG GANG TOURS BLOG


The Zig Zag Railway was first opened in 1869 as part of the western railway line that linked Sydney with western New South Wales. In 1910, a ten tunnel deviation was completed and the Great Lithgow Zig Zag closed, but 50 years later the Zig Zag Railway was born. Many…
Janine Becker
May 10, 2024
straight road with trees either side and wildlife warning signsGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

New Adventures on the Horizon…

Looking ahead to your adventures in 2025? Below are some of our proposed tours for 2025. Some are already confirmed, and some are still in the works. If you are interested in any of the tours below, please email us or give us a call, and we will add you…
Janine Becker
May 9, 2024

East Coast Tassie

In March 2023 we did our first ever 'overseas' tour to Tasmania and experienced some of the best that the fabulous west coast has to offer. It made us realise that Tassie has SO MUCH MORE to offer, and we thought that we should of course explore the treasures of…
Janine Becker
January 26, 2024
natural ocean pool with sun risingGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The Sapphire Coast

We have an inkling that some Aussies may think that Batemans Bay is the Far South Coast of NSW. Well, do we have something to show you?! The really good stuff doesn't start until you get south of Tilba, to the wildly wonderful and unspoilt Sapphire Coast! Come with us…
Janine Becker
January 4, 2024
black question marks on coloured pieces of paperGANG GANG TOURS BLOG


Where are we going?? I dunno!   What are we doing?? I'm not sure!   When are we going?? Well, that we can tell you!! Departing Canberra Sunday 28 July 2024, returning Wednesday 31 July - 4 days and 3 nights.   What's included?? Pick-up at your door in the…
Janine Becker
November 16, 2023


The catch phrase used by Lord Howe Island truly encapsulates what this island is – ‘Just paradise’! Immerse yourself in the world heritage listed natural surroundings and unique flora, fauna and landscapes. The island is the tip of an extinct volcano, rising over 4km from the sea floor. It is…
Janine Becker
August 16, 2023
the sydney harbour bridge with the opera house in front at night all lit up with colourful lightsGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Vivid Sydney

It’s bright! It’s sparkly! It’s glitzy and glamourous! It’s Vivid Sydney! Come with us to see the harbour and the city in all its bling and fabulousness at this world-renowned light festival. This annual event just keeps getting better and better, and with a 3 day, 2 night visit, we…
Janine Becker
August 10, 2023
aerial view of kiama headland with blowhole and lighthouseGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Mysterious Kiama

Mysterious /mɪˈstɪə.ri.əs/ (adjective): "exciting wonder, curiosity, or surprise while baffling efforts to comprehend or identify" Come with us on this 'surprising' and 'wonderous' 4 day 3 night jaunt to the lovely seaside town of Kiama on the NSW south coast. Stay oceanside and enjoy gorgeous strolls around the coastline, the…
Janine Becker
August 9, 2023
row of trees with autumn colours and hills in the backgroundGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The Victorian High Country in Autumn

The Victorian high country in Autumn is a feast for the senses - spectacular mountain vistas, the splendour of the Autumn leaves, and the tastes of fresh seasonal produce. This 6 day, 5 night tour is bound to delight, and leave you with vivid memories of colour and grandeur and…
Janine Becker
July 11, 2023