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Eden /ee-duhn/ n. place or state of great happiness; an unspoilt paradise

The beautiful town of Eden on Twofold Bay on the far south coast of New South Wales has a colourful history, a thriving present, and a very bright future.

For at least 6,000 years, the Eden area has been occupied by the Katungal (sea coast people) of the Thawa tribe within the Yuin nation. First contact with Europeans is thought to have been in 1797, when survivors of the shipwrecked Sydney Cove, were making their way up the coast to Sydney. The first whaling station was established in 1828 and continued to operate until the 1930s.

Eden today is a thriving fishing and tourist town, and is renowned for the unspoilt beauty of Twofold Bay and its surrounding rivers, lakes, mountains and national parks. These natural resources make it ideal for endless outdoor activities including touring, bushwalking, fishing, mountain biking, water sports and of course whale watching. The not to be missed Killer Whale Museum tells the intriguing tale of Old Tom and his pod.

The future is bright for Eden, as tourism continues to grow, with projects such as the Bundian Way and The Killer Whale Trail, as well as fabulous cafes, art galleries and opportunities for sampling award winning seafood. In the 2014/15 cruise season, Cruise Eden hosted 3 cruise ships into Snug Cove. In 2015/16 there were 8, and this coming season there will be 14! Notice a trend? I think the world is beginning to discover how Eden earned its name!

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