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Janine Becker

tumut 3 power station from the airGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The Power and the Passion

From the early 1800s, European explorers saw the potential of diverting water through the Snowy Mountains for irrigation in the farmlands west of the divide. As time went by, it was realised that the power of this water could also be harnessed to produce hydro-electricity. In 1949, after advancements in…
Janine Becker
March 25, 2017

Who is this dude, and why do we care?!

This attractive fellow is the infamous London stockbroker and entrepreneur Ben Boyd, after whom is named one of the most beautiful national parks on the south coast of New South Wales. Ben Boyd landed in the young NSW colony in 1842 with the aim of making his fortune from primary…
Janine Becker
February 24, 2017
rider on fire trail above lake eucumbeneGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Kosi to Canberra on mountain bikes!

The inaugural KXC – Five days through the spectacular Kosciuszko National Park on pedal power! Day 1 started out a bit windy, so we hiked to Mt Stillwell and talked about high country conservation with a scientist we met along the way. The heavens then opened up for a soggy…
Janine Becker
December 27, 2016
Strzelecki monument cloaked in yellowGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

What’s happened to Strzelecki?!

Why is the Strzelecki monument on the shores of Lake Jindabyne cloaked in yellow? Well apparently, it's part of the lead up to L’Etape which is happening in Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains on December 1. L’Etape Australia by Le Tour de France is a road cycling event run under…
Janine Becker
November 13, 2016
Cruise boat moored in front of Montague Island lighthouse with seagullsGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

A Wildlife Wonderland!

Montague Island Nature Reserve sits just 9km off the coast of New South Wales near Narooma and is a wildlife wonderland which has been described as “something out of a David Attenborough doco”! Barunguba (Montague Island) is a sacred place of the Yuin aboriginal people. For thousands of years, they…
Janine Becker
October 30, 2016
two humpack whale tails above the surface of the oceanGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Have a whale of a time!

The fabulous Eden Whale Festival, on the magnificent Sapphire Coast of New South Whales(!), is celebrating 20 years this year! There is a myriad of activities happening throughout this month, such as golf days, art exhibitions, open gardens and fashion shows, with the culmination being a celebratory weekend packed full…
Janine Becker
October 9, 2016
man standing on punt on edge of lakeGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The magical Captain Sponge!

Last Thursday, Gang Gang Tours had the pleasure of taking a Magical Oyster Tour with the fabulous Captain Sponge of Pambula Lake, on the unspoilt Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. Captain Sponge farms the delectable Sydney Rock Oysters in the pristine waters of Pambula Lake and Merimbula Lake. On…
Janine Becker
September 24, 2016
Fishing and cruise boats and wharf on still waters of Snug Cove in EdenGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Beautiful Eden

Eden /ee-duhn/ n. place or state of great happiness; an unspoilt paradise The beautiful town of Eden on Twofold Bay on the far south coast of New South Wales has a colourful history, a thriving present, and a very bright future. For at least 6,000 years, the Eden area has…
Janine Becker
September 11, 2016
Head and neck of a superb lyrebirdGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Can this bird mimic the sound of a chainsaw?!

Yes it can! The Superb Lyrebird and the Albert’s Lyrebird are native to Australia, and can be found in sub-tropical rainforests on the south eastern seaboard. The Albert’s Lyrebird is endangered, and is only found in a small section of south east Queensland. Some of their Aboriginal names are Woorail,…
Janine Becker
September 4, 2016