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Janine Becker

snowy river sign on summit road kosciuszko national parkGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The Summit Road

January in the Snowy Mountains is great for hiking in the high alpine. Long blue-sky days, crystal clear water, and wildflowers galore. Hiking from Charlotte Pass on the Summit Road, takes you over the headwaters of the famous Snowy River. From here, the river flows 430km south east, then west…
Janine Becker
January 10, 2018
close up of dancing spider on twigGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Meet Maratus sapphirus!

Maratus (peacock spider) sapphirus (sapphire) is the latest species of the disco-dancing peacock spider discovered in Australia, in the Murrah Flora Reserve on the Sapphire Coast in southern New South Wales. It was obviously named for where it was discovered, as well as for the two sapphire coloured spots on…
Janine Becker
September 24, 2017
pair of old hiking boots on grass with daffodil behindGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

7 tips for buying new hiking boots…

My trusty old hiking boots (pictured above!) have been with me to the top of Australia in the Snowy Mountains, hiking in Tasmania, watching whales from Ben Boyd National Park on the Sapphire Coast, on ski trips to Canada, and through muddy back paddocks with the dog. But alas, it…
Janine Becker
September 16, 2017
close up shot of rock pool and sand bank with waves and headland in the distanceGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

The Mystery Bay Mystery…

On 10 October 1880, five men left Bermagui for the Montreal Goldfield, in an eight-metre-long green boat. They were never seen again. The boat and some of their belongings were found on rocks, at what was locally known as Mutton Fish Point, 15km north of Montreal. No trace of the…
Janine Becker
September 12, 2017
breaching humpback whale horizontal to ocean surface showing undersideGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Getting ‘mugged’ can be fun!

Being ‘mugged’ has a whole new meaning when you are whale watching on the unspoilt Sapphire Coast of New South Wales! When a whale comes up to your boat to take a closer look, you have been mugged! The southern migration of the Humpback Whale along the east coast of…
Janine Becker
September 10, 2017
woman standing on edge of cliff overlooking the ocean, with her arms in the airGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

30 Days Wild!

The “30 Days Wild” challenge in the UK highlighted 7 ways that nature can improve our health and happiness. Participants in the country’s first month-long nature challenge were asked to “do something wild” every day for 30 days. They also completed a survey at the start and finish of the…
Janine Becker
September 5, 2017
man and woman holding up undies and laughingGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Grundy’s undies!

From the moment we met them in the foyer of their hotel in Canberra, we knew it was going to be a fun tour! They were ribbing each other constantly, and the main source of teasing at this particular moment, was the revelation that Geof had forgotten to pack his…
Janine Becker
June 4, 2017
curiosity rocks above water line in lake jindabyneGANG GANG TOURS BLOG

Curiosity Rocks an Aboriginal place

April 2017 marks one year since Curiosity Rocks in Lake Jindabyne was declared a protected Aboriginal place. More than 50 people with a cultural connection to Country, including Ngarigo traditional custodians, returned to the shores of Lake Jindabyne to celebrate the occasion. Some of the Aunties that attended the celebration…
Janine Becker
April 15, 2017